About Me

Welcome to my about page. I guess you want to learn a few things about me, so here it is:
My name is Yosi, and I write from Israel. I watch a lot of movies, and play a lot of tabletop games, mainly but not only RPGs. I also write a lot, but in Hebrew though...  A few years ago, I was one of the leading writers for an Israeli RPG site called Ancient Realms.
I'm usually the GM in my groups, and I have 8 years of GMing experience.
I started out with D&D third edition, and moved from there to nWOD, UA, CoC and indie RPGs.
I'm kind of method GM: When I GM a game, I really into it. I read a lot of books about the subject, watch a lot of movies about the subject, and that is most of my preparation. Being the genre and not using it.
Most of what I'll write here will probably be about lessons from movies, TV shows and the like that I learned to use in RPGs.

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