Werewolf & Vampire Academy, Now on ABC...

So this month's blog carnival is about "Campaigns I'd Like to Run", and although I ran quiet a lot of campaigns that are still with me, years after, there is a concept that I wanted to try, but just couldn’t find the group for it.
The concept was of a werewolf & vampire academy, bundled with power levels of failure sidekicks. Were the characters played the students, forming a group. The rule system was supposed to be Primetime Adventures.
 The idea itself came from a LARP that I participated within, called "Sidekicks Anonymous", which was a LARP about a group of sidekicks trying to save the missing superheroes. Some of the characters were the "Exploding Boy", the "Laminator", and the like.

The game itself was supposed to be campy, and very different from my usual horror/dark comedy style of games.

I didn't came to plan much of the game, partly because I didn't have a group to begin with (They preferred a Paranoia XP Campaign), but I envisioned the teachers starting to disappear, the headmaster cowering under his bed, the BBEG turns him into a baby, and the whole academy falling from the sky, and a closing scene were one of the characters needs to choose between saving his lover or the academy.

The campaign itself was supposed to encompass 9 sessions, with the first dealing with everyone arriving to the academy, and being allocated into 2 different groups, vamps and werewolves, and to end with the two groups creating a brave friendship after a big feast.
The sessions from then onward were supposed to be character centric, with some of their most beloved teachers beginning to disappear, and with them starting to investigate, when they still try to do class works and the like. The last one was supposed to end with a boom, with the academy starting to fall, and with one of the characters, who was the leader of this formed group sacrificing what is important for him to save the school or vice versa.

The teachers themselves were supposed to be colorful, with a headmaster that is in love with his advisor, another who will be in love with one of the characters (and trying to seduce her/him), another one that takes everything much too dramatic (in terms of doing everything theatrically) and so on.


  1. I love school campaigns. Very cool.

    1. Sorry for the late answer, but thanks for your comment.

  2. That would be awesome. And I have a soft spot in my heart for Primetime Adventures too.

    1. Thanks for your comment, and I have a soft spot for PTA also.