"All Kinds of Colors, Big and Small"- A Fiasco Session Recap

Not a too long time ago, I participated in another great game of Fiasco. We had 3 characters: Robert Geldof, a drug dealer, Cob, a man who fell in love with him, and Lisa Melanis (played by me), a desperate woman with desperate needs and tools...
The game started with Lisa looking desperately for a way to earn some money. She meets Cob, and persuades him to get a "wiggle-waggle" for some money, so she'll be able to buy a new dose of drugs. She then continues to meet Robert, who comes to her with a suggestion that she takes. She'll be his lab mouse and he'll give her 20% of cash and some free doses.
Cob, on the other hand, doesn't stay quiet, and comes to the underworld to meet Rob, so he'll be able to expunge the "mistake". He then expresses his affection to Rob, but a bus just passing by prevents Rob  from hearing it.
Back to Lisa's whereabouts, she tries a new drug in her new job, and goes completely high. She then returns to herself, and leaves the place. When she goes out of the house, Cob notices her. Then, in a 3 character scene, Lisa said accidentally that Cob and she were together; despite that, Rob and Cob do succeed in surpassing all difficulties and go on to being together.
Lisa, after leaving the place, calls from the phone, and tries to blackmail Rob, as revenge because of them robbing her house, but her scheme falls short to a trick by Rob. She comes to take the money, but Rob hits her and Cob wounds her with a gunshot, after Rob "accidentally" shot a cop.
When she wakes up, in hospital, they come to visit her. Cob starts to realise what a bad influence Rob is on him, and trashes him. Rob tries to get him to be back together, but he fails. Mad and fearful, he decides to burn the place, as a way to express his broken heart and his still burning love. Cob goes back to Lisa, and they decide to start a new life together. When they smell the fire, they jump out of the window, but don't die. They end up in a different hospital.
Rob finds it hard to cope with what he did. He goes up in rank within the underworld, but decides to put an end to his life, and wakes up in heaven.
Shocked by Lisa's state that escalates to a critical near death state, the now awake Cob is clueless. In the end he kills them both, so they'll live happily ever after in heaven. When they finally get there, Lisa awakes from her dream about all this stuff, and goes back to work.

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