"I've Got Wife and Kids, You Know..."

A little thought for today: When the characters catch a killer, or a bank robber or something like that, what does this criminal say to his/her defense? I guess that most of us say things like: "It wasn't me", "I just followed orders" etc...
But think for a moment about this bank robber who says to his defense: "You don't understand, I have a wife and kids". Wouldn't it be much more powerful? Won't it create an immediate sympathy for the criminal? And most of all is of course the immediate creation of a moral dilemma: "If we'll put this man in jail, what about the wife and kids? Wouldn't they end where this person is going to be? And if not, what about the rise of crime rates that will be made? Is saving a family is more or less important than maybe saving a person here and there?"

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