Yale and the Hotel

Today I ran an improvised game that maybe will be the beginning of a new campaign. It was a kinda horror oriented game, about 4 students who have a little understanding in magic, and lots of bad luck. To give the game a little mechanical twist, I used to concept of the "Confession Chair" from InSpectres, which was used one time during this session, and advanced the plot quiet well.
The game started with the characters studying for their upcoming tests, a little time before the big exams that will come after the Easter vacation. When they opened the newspaper, one of the characters (Daniel) found a headline about the "dog-killer". They read it, and rushed to the place, finding 20 dogs' bodies, forming a pentagram. The scene was full of cops and FBI agents, and after failing to convince the cops to leave the scene, they created a lot of noise, and entered the house. There, they found a house which is just too clean and empty, and a cabinet which looked black on the inside. When they threw a drawer into it, there was no hitting sound, and when they looked behind it, the drawer flew to them, smashing in one of the characters (Jessica). Then one of them (James) put a stick into it. Another one (Tom) touched the marks on the floor.
When they looked back, the other cabinets were gone; fire marks were all that was left from them. The scene with the dogs included no dogs any more, but an old phone. All was quiet, like a ghost town. Then, a motorcycle sound came. When the motorcycle finally came, its driver got off it, went to the back and pulled  out a pair of pizza boxes. Then, in a confession by James, he came to the door, knocking on it slowly but steadily. He didn't respond to the characters' questions. After some time, he opened the doors, on each hand a pizza box and something strange came into his stomach really quickly. He put the 2 boxes on the floor, bowed and returned to the motorcycle, driving away. The whole time, his head being covered by the helmet. They examined the pizzas, but they soon stopped, after green slime came out of it, and one of the characters (Jessica) almsot lost a finger because of it.
The phone rang, and a voice told them that they are late, and that they need to give the pizza to a person called Robert Geldof, in the Yale University. They went there, finding their university looking closer to a hotel than to a university. When they entered, the night clerk called Bob Laurezzio welcomed them, and two (Tom and Jessica) went to deliver the pizza, while the other two (James and Daniel) stayed to talk with him. A bit of time passed, and when they were back together, someone shot at the lamp. They ran after him, but he disappeared. One of them (Tom), of course, stayed with the clerk, who decided to go upstairs by the elevator. Tom followed him through the stairs.
When the other characters came back, they found Bob going through his files, and Tom missing. When they asked Bob, he said he went upstairs.
The characters used some magic to convince him that they are FBI agents, and 2 of them (James and Daniel) took him up, to search for the missing Tom. Jessica stayed down there, going through his files. She looked out of the window, and when she came back to the files, Bob was there. He told her that James and Daniel  had told him that he was free to go back, when they were at the fourth floor. The session ended with her going to this floor.

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