A Letter for My Players

Dear Players,
You know, there's something I need desperately, something that I'm looking for from each game session that I run. You probably know what I'm talking about, but still, it's the fifth session since the last time you gave it to me.
No, I'm not talking about money, or books, I'm not talking about apologizing for another session where you blew my entire plans for the campaign (that was awesome, though, so thanks for asking anyway), I'm talking about a far more important thing, a thing that without it there's no reason to continue in this hobby with the hope of advancing to be better, a thing that without it I may (and I do, actually) come back home feeling that something wasn't right and I just don't know what.
You know, I do a lot of work to plan these games for you (even if it doesn't seem so), I work extremely hard about improving and creating the feel and the mood and the tone and working on so many other things. No, I don't want you to apologies for the work you're putting me through, I'm enjoying it, I'm enjoying the surprises, I enjoy GMing. I really do.
All I'm asking for are 2 simple things: a thank you, so I'll know that you understand how much effort I'm putting into it so you'll have fun (me also, but I thank myself everyday that I'm "working" on it). The second is much more important for me, 'cause it includes the first thing, and helps me much more: Feedback.
I want to do what I did great, what I did well, what I did not so well and what I did badly. I don't want to know it so I'll feel that I'm a bad GM or a good one, but for an entirely different reason: To know where and how I can improve. If you can suggest what would have been better, so much the better, but I don't require it or anything. I don't require even what I'm asking for. I just want to know what I can improve so all of us will have more fun every session. Is it so hard? Is it taking so much effort?
Your GM

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