The Yale Hotel is Here Again

So that Thursday game became a campaign. The second session took place today, and another confession occurred, so I'm quite pleased with it. Two corrections to the post of the original session: One, its Bob Luchiano, and not the original name I posted. Two, Daniel and James stopped at the third floor. They thought about the 4th, but Daniel's intuition chose the third.
Anyway, we started from the same spot where we left. Jessie went to the fourth floor, and after examining the door to the corridor, she opened it. The corridor continued to both sides, without an end, and just ahead of her was the door to the room of Robert Geldof. She shouted that she's from the FBI but there was no comment from within. When she entered, she found Robert sitting to the table, eating without a sound.
Tom followed Bob, shadowing him through all corridors and turns, until they reached the end of the corridor. There, they found an elevator tube, and Bob turned to Tom, signalling at him to come.
Daniel and James continued their walk with Bob, and he led them to the end of the corridor (although it was a shorter one), where another elevator tube waited for them. There was no sign to the continuation of the corridor, where Tom walked. They interrogated him, while accusing him with a lot of different crimes, but for no help. They decided to enter the elevator tube.
Robert Geldof asked Jessie what she's doing in his room, and when she mumbled, asked her to close the door. She ran away and closed the door behind her. Then, she turned left, to far end of the corridor. Voices called to her, reminding her of her past, of her promises, and of her family.
Tom went out of the shadows, and talked for a while with Bob. He learnt from him that the rest of the group is down there, in the lobby, with a replacement night clerk called Rob. After that, he entered after Bob to the elevator tube, and the tube went down. It got stuck between 0 and 1 level, and Bob disappeared.
Daniel and James went with Bob to the second floor, where he succeeded in running away from them. In the corridor, a couple of old people (an elderly woman who was a little deaf, and an elderly man who didn't respond to James' questions) caught James attention, and he tried to talk with them, leaving Daniel to run after Bob alone.
Jessie ran to the end of the corridor, discovering a little too late that the corridor ends with a mirror. When she looked at it, she saw her back, and heard footsteps from behind. Then, in a confession, she opened one of the doors to the right, and found in a bathtub a rotting body of a woman without her head. She rose from the tub, water turning to blood when falling from her, and she went to Jessie, who ran away, closing the door behind her.
Tom opened with a little bit of the magic the door of the elevator, and found himself on the 12th floor. It was a small one, with walls in sick green color, and a black door ahead of him, a vase with a thick tree to each side of it. He went to open the door, and that's where the session ended.

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