Normality Became the New Originality

You don't have to be original by force. You don't have to be this uber half elf/ half orc/ half monkey/ half dragon hybrid, who is also 5 levels of wizard, 4 levels of warrior and 12 levels of rouge. You don't have to be Superman in a CoC game and don't have to be a coward in a D&D game. You don't have to be that special and original, you know.
Have you tried to be the normal once? Have you just tried to be this dwarf fighter or half elf diplomat? Have you? Was it that boring that you had to try to be that special for the sake of being special? Isn't being a half elf in an elfish society hard enough that you have to be half orc also, just in case?
Please, for god's sake, try to be normal for once. Normality became the new originality, retro is back as the new kid in the block.
Oh, and just in case, try to look in the net for this hybrid that you so wanted to be. Probably, someone has made it already, and the maker had a little bit more experience so it's probably even better than what you did try to achieve...


  1. It is much more of an achievement to play a standard character type well. Playing a crazy mixed/odd race is more obscuring to good roleplay than anything else, but really bringing out the depth of a dwarven fighter or an elven archer, that takes style.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Truth is, I don't completely agree with you. Sure, playing a crazy hobo killer is much easier, but you don't have to play your dwarf fighter by the book. The book tells you about the normal stereotype of the dwarven kind. Who said you dwarf is the standard one? S/he went adventuring, after all, so this dwarf is surely a strange one.
      More than that, we humans are far from the stereotype of the human race, and anyone of us is a little bit different from the others, why dwarves can't be the same?
      Overall, I think that it's less intimidating than the way it seems, but sure demands style and the guts to understand that the odd is not more original than the normal...
      Thanks again for your comment.