I Like Playing Under Newbie GMs

I'll start with a disclaimer: I don't RP as a player that often, I'm almost always the GM, and although I really enjoy GMing, I do want to sometimes switch roles.

I like playing with newbie GMs. here, I stated it, and it's even bolded. I like it, I really do. I think there are no more original thoughts about the ways things should go, than from a person who doesn't know how the action should take place. I think that as a source of inspiration, they are one of the best pools existing. Consider for example my last game with a newbie GM: We had a lot of doors, each one opened differently, some with keys, some with feathers; We had a lot of intra-party conflict, written on the character sheets, with a lot of logic in it; And so on...
Now, I'm not saying that they GM perfectly, or that I want to play more than a one shot with most of them, but seeing new people try GMing is fun and exciting, seeing the sudden understanding of how hard it is to be GM can be (sometimes, but you know...)... And as source of inspiration, when could I use my door-opener-feather?...

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