AFI 123

So, I'm watching classics. Alot of classics actually. Project "AFI 123" is after its middle point. So many classics have been watched and analyzed, and so many are yet to come. I think that these is the place to go over this project, 'cause it uses so much of my free time.
The "AFI 123" project is an attempt to watch all the movies that made any one of the lists, realesd by the American Film Institution, of the 100 greatest movies of all time till the end of June. That means 123 different movies, that differ in length and in genres, in time periods and in everything else.
I don't know if I'll succeed in that attempt. I certainly hope so, and I do belive that there are a lot of benefits to this idea, to this project. some of them are of seeing great movies, some of them are developing understanding of stories, of character advancement, of inspiration.

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