"Murderous Habits"- a Fiasco Session Recap

Somehow this disappeared from my blog, so I'm uploading it again:
I've participated lately in a great game of Fiasco. We used the Cthulhu playset found in The Unspeakable Oath 21. We had three characters: Robert Geldof (me) who is a little bit crazy teenager, Benjamin Geldof who was Robert's father and lastly Elizabeth Richards who was the family neighbour living next door.
The game started with Elizabeth returning home from work, only to see Robert dissecting her mother's body, tearing out organs and putting them in a bag. Elizabeth's mother abused her as a child, and Elizabeth who is happy for her death says nothing about Robert's actions. She does talk with him about himself, though, and learns his name.
Robert returns home and he's caught red handed by his father. Benjamin is angry, but he's relieved when he's convinced that Robert didn't tell his name to Elizabeth.
Ben tries to protect his son by calling Elizabeth and trying to convince her that her mother is abroad, but he fails. The following day, Liz tells Robert that his father is dead, and he reacts with a strange mixture of extreme happiness and extreme depression, switching between these 2 moods. Liz suggests to him that he'll move to her house, so she'll be able to put an eye on him, and he agrees.
Ben calls Liz, trying to warn her from his son, but she hangs up. Disappointed, he calls the police. Meanwhile, Liz talks with Robert and almost succeeds to get a confession from him, but then takes a break to buy some groceries. She's caught red handed by the police who come to her house and tries to run away. The police catch her and accuse her. Robert then takes his dissection knife and stabs his arm with it. Then, he runs out of the room screaming and blames her for this.
Liz is taken to jail, and he's taken to the hospital. His father comes to visit, a few days later, and blackmails him. Robert, in a panic attack, rushes out of the hospital, while killing a cop in his way out, and returns to his home. When he comes in, his father hands him to the police after pointing a shotgun at him.
When Robert goes to jail, he finishes in the same cell as Elizabeth. There, she tells him the truth: Robert and Elizabeth are a brother and a sister, and Benjamin is only a phony. They start to plot together on how to incriminate Benjamin.
The game then continued to a few trial scenes. In the end, Robert was sent to a psychiatric hospital; Ben became a murderer after all of his unsettling experiences and Liz... She ended the way she started it, in her house, with her dead mother's body on the floor and the bag with the organs.

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