Lessons from a Paranoia Campaign

So, after the Paranoia campaign I run is over, without any chance of returning, there are a few things I've learned, about suggesting campaigns and about the taste of my players.
  1. The fact that from 10 suggestions, Paranoia comes only forth, doesn't mean that the three campaigns I planned for would go as planned. As it turned out, the first three places moved aside, as their biggest followers terrorized me to replace what they chose, before even trying, to a campaign that they didn't chose.
  2. The fact that they were full of hard things against Paranoia in the first run, 2 years ago, didn't have a thing in common with this campaign. They fought for it, they made me feel that they want it, and boy, they did enjoy it.
  3. The Prestige of the perfect Campaign idea can't stand before one person with enough of a will.
  4. I think that they actually learned to appreciate my work a little bit, after they were given papers to fill after every session. They filled "Accusation Papers" and "Final-Report Papers" and a lot more, I recieved about 6 different types of papers, all of which part of the game, all of which made them think about the game between sessions, and filling my mail with thoughts about the game...
  5. If there is a single thing players prefer for playing the mutant conspirator with all the power and the ability to kill other PCs without feeling guilty, is doing so while everything else is in chaos: Protestors on a faked-fake-train, camps of traitors which goes boom and the like.
  6. Actually, when thinking about it, they were probably the only group I ever heard of, who finished the missions they recieved. I still don't know if it's good or bad. Its just strange.
  7. The published missins for Paranoia are just great. They are far better than anything I could have thought about.
  8. GMing dark comedy and GMing horror are not that different. At least not with dark-comedy-Paranoia-style. Characters died, in dozens, a lot of them, and I didn't have to do a thing, they created it for me, just like they create the horror for themselves in horror games...

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