Black Sabbath- It's All in the Name

It is hard to believe it, but after this movie I have only three movies left. Time moves so quickly, it turns out, way too quickly. Anyway, Black Sabbath. I must say that I wasn't really impressed. Maybe it is because I watched better movies throughout this month, or maybe it is just because after 28 horror movies one starts to feel the dreaded "please no more horror films this month, I had to much" kinda feeling.
Anyway, Black Sabbath is an anthology film. It is made of 3 short films combined together. The first one, The Telephone (this might be the time to say that I've watched the Italian version and not the American one) is a story about a woman, a prostitute, who starts to receive telephone calls from her ex-pimp. Little by little, his threats become deadlier and far more frightening. For me, this short was the highlight of the collection. The next one, The Wurdalak, is a conventional vampire story. The last one, The Drop of Water, is a short film about a nurse who steals a ring and a ghost haunts her.
Now, the lessons from the better shorts, the first and the second, are lying in the posts about other movies in this project. But there is a lesson that is unique to this collection- the lesson of names and their power. You see, The Wurdalak is conventional. Way too conventional, if you ask me. We have a vampire, he kills those close to him, much blood. It even takes place in Eastern Europe, if it wasn't conventional enough.
But he is not called a vampire. He is given a different name. And this gives the movie some sense of originality. Because to a certain extent, it is like discovering and learning about a different, a new, monster. And this can be done in our games too. Give a familiar monster a different name and a description that is only a little different, and you can cut yourself a lot of time creating monsters on the one hand, and on the other the players will feel a certain feel of knowledge and similarity combined with a feeling of freshness. This is good.
As an added bonus, you can go the Troll 2 Way and have a connection between the names (yeah, it is probably the first and the last time that I'll mention something positive about Troll 2, as even this name change is executed terribly). You don’t have to go for the Nilbog kind of name, but you can go the anagram way. When the players will figure it out, they will feel like geniuses, like true investigators. This is even better.
Anyway, that's it for this movie. How about you? Have you watched this movie? What have you thought about it? And what did it teach you?

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