God Told Me To- Stop Worrying and Embrace the Good Enough

The streak had to be broken, right? My seventh movie in the project wasn't that good. It wasn't that bad also, but… it was okay. Just okay. Nothing spectacular, nothing to fancy about, nothing worth remembering from, one of those movies that you just watch and 5 seconds later you don't remember anything about it or from it. God Told Me To was a watch & forget nothing more and nothing less.
It is a movie about a cop who investigates a series of murders committed by unconnected and too ordinary men. Slowly but steadily he learns that there's far more to it than what meets the eye. Yeah, even the plot is a big cliché, but at least the director knows how to do it. ;-)
And after this movie I did learn something. I learned that not every session has to be perfect, or great. In order for those really great sessions to feel great, they have to feel unique, well above the rest in terms of their level and all. If the rest of the sessions are nice, good and enjoyable, the campaign is in good hands.
And for me, that was kinda new. I learned to accept bad days, or sessions that were almost perfect, but sessions that are just nice- that was inconceivable. I expected from each one of my sessions to be at the very least almost perfect. And the sessions just took too much energy from me, and there were days that I came from the sessions depressed because they didn't live to my expectations.
And I don't know, maybe it is just a certain stage in my GMing career that had to come. And yet, this movie ranked better than some perfect movies like Cronos. And it says that maybe, just maybe, sometimes a nice and no spectacular session is better than the most perfect session imaginable. Sometimes "nice" is just enough.

How about you? When did you learn this truth? And what did you think about this movie?

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